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Book Review

Bright Valley of Love by Edna Hong. Published by Concordia Theological Seminary Press.  This stirring true story is about a boy born handicapped and neglected in Germany at the end of World War I.  He is given over by his family to Bethel, a Christian community for the physically and mentally handicapped.  At Bethel, he is immersed in hymnody, liturgy, prayer, and love: both the love of  God and the love of his neighbors.  He learns of his worth, his value, and finds true contentment and joy for the first time.  World War II threatens the peace of Bethel, but their pastor and shepherd proves to be a fearless leader because of his faith.  Truly a wonderful book, and a quick read.                      - a library patron


One of our young readers has recommended a book for fellow little Lutherans.  How Big was Noah's Ark and Other Questions Kids Ask about the Bible will provide great question and answer sessions with your kids.  This book is on display in the library along with Lady Like: Living Biblically by Curtis and Adler. Ladies, skim the table of contents and see what piques your interest. Chapters like "The More, the Merrier?", "Widows and the Redemption", "Is the Old Testament Misogynist?", and "Actually, God Might Give You More than You can Handle" might do just that. Check out this old favorite among Lutheran ladies. There are more on display. As always, talk with your Pastor if you have questions about what you read.

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