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These new books, along with some old favorites, are on display in our library.

(Dis)Ordered : Lies About Human Nature and the Truth That Sets Us Free, by Rev. Christopher Esget.  The culture…politics…theology. Three things you don't often hear of being mentioned together.  In this book, Pastor Esget brings forward the hot topics in our culture and in politics, and holds them up against God's Word. He asks, "What could be more opposed to the Creator than the attempt to overthrow His created order by destroying marriage, family, and the love of all human life?"  Pastor rejects and condemns, but he also provides the answer, Christ who is our Light, and some solid guidance. "God establishes what is good and evil, not the culture."


God, I Need to Talk to You About…Worrying, Violence, Screen Time, Loving Others. These are 4 new books that have been added to our collection of others in this series. Simple prayers address these issues, teaching that we can bring all things to our Lord in prayer. These books are good starters for deeper conversations that may be had between parents and kids.


God Gives Us Heaven (Arch Books) - A story about salvation based on Romans 6:3-11 and Revelation 21:1-6; 22:1-5, this book begins with something hard to understand - death. It travels from the fall into sin to Jesus' redemptive work on the cross, His second coming, and ends with Heaven. A faithful story to help children understand the truth about death, and life everlasting.

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