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Christian Catechesis

Wednesdays:  6:30 p.m. Youth Catechism Classes (September - April)

Junior Catechesis Syllabus
Senior Catechisis Syllabus

As needed: Adult Catechesis, for those that wish to learn the basics of the Christian faith with an eye toward becoming an active member. 

An Invitation

      When pastoring at Trinity, Coal Valley, IL, an older man heeded one of my many invitations to Adult Bible Class.  After a few weeks he said, “Pastor, if I had known that Bible Class is so good, I would have come long ago.”  About a year later, God called him to eternity.  His last year, he was blessed in both Sunday Worship and Bible Class.

      You are invited to our Sunday Class.  Come and receive the blessings of God’s Word taught by our own Pastor Sollberger.


Pastor Lester Dumer



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